I get a lot of questions about my choice of Woodwind Instruments, both Saxes, Clarinet, Mouthpieces and Accessories. Here you can find my current set-up.


For more then 20 years I have been playing on vintage Selmer MKVI saxophones but since then, I have switched to the Yamaha saxophones and I really like the tone, response and pitch of the Yamaha saxophones.

Soprano Saxophone - Vintage Yamaha YSS-62R
(straight Soprano Saxophone with a slight curve or bend at the top)
This saxophone has an amazing sound and great intonation (well, for a soprano sax anyway). It is an old model and is no longer available. Yamaha is known for being the first modern challenge to Selmer Soprano Saxophones, which became the standard for all other Soprano's by the mid 80's.

Mouthpiece: RIA - Metal Mouthpiece SIze 4
Ligature: BG Jazz
Reeds: Rico Plasticover size 3
Case: Original Yamaha Case

Alto Saxophone - Vintage Yamaha 62 (silver-plated)
This is an excellent instrument with great projection and a very big and lively sound.
The silver plate makes the sound of this particular model more richer and more darker/dipper.
The silver-plated 62 is very expressive and really fun to play. I found myself choosing this sax over my vintage Selmer MKVI time and time again.

Mouthpiece: Beechler Metal #8 (custom baffle by John Yoakum)
Ligature: Original Beechler Ligature
Reeds: Rico Plasticover size 3
Case: Selmer Flight Case

Tenor Saxophone - Yamaha Custom Z (silver-plated)
In the past I have never been able to match the sound of my trusted 1964 Selmer MKVI but after I have tried Yamaha Custom Z tenor (it blew away my Selmer Tenor) I have decided to buy the Custom Z. It was an easy choice. I loved the tone, response and pitch of the Custom Z. The sound is huge (and I mean HUGE) and it is rich and complex. The projection on this saxophone is unbelievable and it plays very much in tune.

Mouthpiece: Peter Ponzol M2 Plus Stainless Steel
Ligature: Rovner Light
Reeds: Rico Plasticover size 3.5
Case: Selmer Flight Case

Clarinet - Vintage Selmer 10G
I love this clarinet. For many years I was playing on Buffet R-13 clarinet but a few years ago I have bought this clarinet and have sold my R-13 as I prefer the sound of this vintage Selmer 10G.

Mouthpiece: Vandoren B45 (customised by John Reilly)
Ligature: Metal D.Bonade France
Reeds: Vandoren V12 size 3.5
Case: Some cheap (but very good) case